Big Gipp

Genre Hip-Hop
City Atlanta
Country USA

Big Gipp (born Cameron Gipp; April 28, 1973) is an American rapper from Atlanta, Georgia. He is best known as a member of Goodie Mob, and has also released one solo album[1] and been part of several collaborations, most recently with Ali as Ali & Gipp.

Big Gipp, who is a Southern rapper, hails from the hotbed of the genre, Atlanta, Georgia. Gipp is known for his slow, drawn-out rapping dialect with political and street-life themed lyrics. The public first heard him rap on OutKast's first album, Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik, on the song Git Up, Git Out.

Goodie Mob

He later rose to prominence as one-fourth of the Dungeon Family-affiliated group Goodie Mob along with Cee-Lo, T-Mo, and Khujo. The group released four albums to critical and commercial success. After a brief stint away from Goodie Mob, he rejoined the group along with Cee-Lo to reconstruct the once estranged quartet. They are currently in the studio planning to release a new album.[citation needed]

Ali & Gipp

Big Gipp has released a collaborative effort with one of St. Lunatics's, Ali. The album is called Kinfolk. A single and accompanying music video ("Go Head") were released on July 31, 2007.

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