Genre Hip-Hop
City New Jersey
Years active 10+
Website www.nightshotrecords.com

Bryan “DJ Nightcrawler” Hull has been making his way in entertainment when it comes to crafting music. Born and raised in South Jersey, at age 13, his dreams of becoming a DJ had turned into a reality. After relocating from Cape May to Atlantic County in 1998, he’d begun producing and promoting his mix tapes to neighborhood locals. Nightcrawler was later on known to drop a new mix every week with the latest hits from major and independent artist. Whenever the times in music had changed, he always managed to change with it. From cassette to CD, from CD to digital, you could be guaranteed to find a volume of “Night Files” pumping through the stereos.


After dropping over 100 series of “Night Files” mix tapes, WildStyles Promotions (located in Rio Grande, New Jersey) generated Nightcrawler’s recognition by producing placements at radio stations and numerous county shows with in the Tri States area. Later to make his next move to Atlanta, Georgia, spreading and branding his name opened up more opportunities with in the networking of the entertainment business. In results, Nightcrawler became a part of the worldwide Core Djs , Nerve Djs , Coast2Coast Djs , and Fleet Djs , 81HipHop Djs Sniper Squad Djs, 24kMixtape Djs affiliations. Along with becoming a talent rep /DJ for KIGTV/ Radio you could also hear Nightcrawler’s mixes on Sniper Squad Radio  , 81HipHop, Flex103fm,TooBig Radio, from your mobile device. There is no limit to what’s in store for Nightcrawler and his record label Night Shot Records. So stay tuned for more to come.... Night Files TV, Night Files Radio SPREAD DIS LIKE A VIRUS

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