Fuel City @232Teezy @tonydavisthedj @djdreal @tdd2day
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Released September 2018
Format mp3
Genre Hip-Hop


YTeezy Originally “ET”, is a music artist born and raised in Dallas, Tx. Being armed with talent since a young nigga growing up, due to poverty and real life shit goin on in his household and environment, his first love was put on the back burner to survive the struggle going on in front of him and hIs loved ones. Even Through the tribulations and disturbance that comes with life in the inner city, he never lost the love and passion for music. 2005 Developed a habit of making his own beats due to the drought on exclusive beats. He began collaborating with other local underground artist, some made it, some faded. Still managing to remain a independent artist after dropping his first online mixtape #Word2DaWise featuring his singles “Strong Survive” ft. C.Struggs and “Life Too Short” , which is still available for download on www.datpiff.com. Even with having performed for many venues and open mic events, It wasn’t until dodging a 15 year sentence in Texas Department of Corrections.

Fuel City @232Teezy @tonydavisthedj @djdreal @tdd2day

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