posses an amaranthine appeal minus the commercial affectations.

Title - Conversations in the Local
Release Date - 24 July 2017
Genre - Singer / Songwriter
Featured Artists - Matt Tubey (London), DJ Readman (Banbury, UK), Shane Klein (Santa Cruz, CA), Dave Whitcher Saga (Tigard, Oregon), Dustin Bird (Ontario, Cananda), Danny Mortimer (Elgin. Scotland)and AMbassadors of Morning (Washington D.C.)

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Release Notes - Folk-influenced melodies along the lines of Jerry Yester, Tom Waits and Phil Phillips the artists propagate a lovelorn feeling and take roots-based songwriting to a unique crest. The atmosphere is a mishmash of honky-tonk meets English pub stew, and the bellowing roar is sustained with direct harmonies, clinking guitar and loose instrumentation. It touches off a good amount of intellectual libretto and is solid sample of some great artists.

Featured Tracks - 
01 - ‘Conversations In the Local’ - Matt Tubey
02 - ‘Eternal Glow’ - AMbassadors of Morning
03 - ‘Stay With Me’ - Danny Mortimer
04 - ‘Pirates in My Sink’ - DJ Readman
05 - ‘Marcel’ - Shane Klein
06 - ‘Just Dance’ - Dustin Bird
07 - ‘Reunion’ - Dave Whitcher Saga

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