Florida entertainment scene, so far this year is on fire! The music scene is jumping with hits. However, people must know about the different styles of music. Jooking originated in Tampa.“Intro To Jookin’: 12 Miami Songs That Influenced @djkhaled “To The Max”, has Tampa as influencer versus orginator. Not taking any shine away from Miami and their sound of dance music. Its just number 8 on the list, "Mz All Da Way Live is a Tampa orgin song. In reality Tampa created Jook music. And to put a Tampa group on a Miami list, come on. Tampa has a different sound than the stick and roll sound Miami music has. Being a Tampa native and a music enthusist, I can automatically tell the difference when the two come on. However, the world outside of Florida does not know the difference and will believe what the major media outlets put out. I feel the article should have been written based off the true history of Jook music. The artists that are listed on the list was probaly still in diapers when Krazy “Don’t Wanna Leave The Club” came out in 1999. Or just starting their rapping carrer when Tampa Tony’s “Keep Jukin’” came out in 2003.If you are going to introduce the world to Jook music, first do not include a Tampa group in a Miami Jook music list. Last do you research on Florida Jook music and you will quickly find out the truth.

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