and revealing it will be released next week on August 3. Hours after giving fans the news, the Pittsburgh rapper returns with a new record and music video “Self Care.” Directed by Christian Weber, Miller finds himself buried underground before eventually digging his way out of a volcano only for it to explode quickly after. The record itself heavy on the melodic side, which Mac showcased a lot on his last studio album, 2016’s The Divine Feminine.

Mac Miller – SWIMMING (Tracklisting):

1. “Come Back to Earth”
2. “Hurt Feelings”
3. “What’s the Use?”
4. “Perfecto”
5. “Self Care”
6. “Wings”
7. “Ladders”
8. “Small Worlds”
9. “Conversation Pt.1”
10. “Dunno”
11. “Jet Fuel”
12. “2009”
13. “So It Goes”


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Mac Miller – SWIMMING (Tracklisting):

1. “Come Back to Earth”2. “Hurt Feelings”3. “What’s the Use?”4. “Perfecto”5. “Self Care”6. “Wings”7. “Ladders”8. “Small Worlds”9. “Conversation Pt.1”10. “Dunno”11. “Jet Fuel”12. “2009”13. “So It Goes”

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