On The Sidewalk ft. Kool G. Rap x Cory Gunz x Norm Bates
Released October 2020
Format MP3
Added on Sunday, 04 October 2020
Genre Hip Hop/Rap
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Edition date July 2020


'Born in New York City and raised in the Bronx, Vardell "Frank Cook" Hughes is the fourth child out of five charismatic boys. Frank Cook's oldest brother "J.Rukis", was his largest inspiration for his music interest. He encouraged him to pursue his voice in music through beat making and poetry in music. Unfortunately, he passed away tragically and it always became a driving force to continue his legacy. Their loving, brotherly bond was showcased in beatbox chords and lyrical harmonies that today, transcend in Frank Cook’s music. Through his beats, lyrics and performances Frank Cook keeps his late brothers’ spirit alive and feeds his own drive for creativity & love of music. In allegiance to his brother, Frank Cook vowed to always be a part of music and share it with the world. Frank's reputation as a prodigious emcee has reverberated the underground Hip Hop scene for years. Finally all those years of grinding has culminated in the official single being released with the NY lyrical icons of Cory Gunz, Kool G. Rap and the new empresario Norm Bates. Check out the HEAVY weight single ON THE SIDEWALK!! '

On The Sidewalk ft. Kool G. Rap x Cory Gunz x Norm Bates

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