Wunna @1GunnaGunna
Released May 2020
Format MP3
Type Album
Added on Wednesday, 24 June 2020
Genre Hip Hop/Rap
Edition date 2020


Editors’ Notes The title for Gunna’s heavily anticipated WUNNA album—his first full-length project since 2019’s Drip or Drown 2—is an acronym for “Wealthy Unapologetic N*gga Naturally Authentic.” The Atlanta MC has also claimed that it represents an alternate identity, a chance to step away, if only momentarily, from the franchises that made his name, Drip Season and Drip or Drown. Thankfully for Gunna fans, however, the MC we get in WUNNA isn’t all that different from the man who taught us the meaning of drip.

Across beats from a veritable wish list of can’t-miss producers including Wheezy, Turbo The Great, and Tay Keith, Gunna raps in effortless non sequitur about clothing, jewelry, and women. He’s joined by frequent collaborators Lil Baby, Young Thug, and Travis Scott, and also Roddy Ricch, who guests on “COOLER THAN A BITCH,” a song dedicated to anyone mistakenly believing that they’re operating on the same plane as he is. Across 18 tracks, WUNNA is everything fans could have wanted from an MC who’s dedicated his career to establishing himself as a trendsetter. In fact, the only place the drip is missing is in the title.

Wunna @1GunnaGunna


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