F.U.N.C. – Halfblood?

F.U.N.C. – Halfblood?

I remember when I found the sexy "Nectar" by F.U.N.C. 3 years ago on SoundCloud and was utterly impressed.

Today, their new single "Halfbood?" is out and they're announcing a whole EP Kintsugi, that'll be available everywhere exactly a week from now.

Ever feel like you're alone? Toiling away, trying to pave the way?

The hypnotising chanting in the intro develops into smooth vocals, underlined by deep bass and the catchiest chimes.

Fun(c) fact - half of the duo, the producer of those slowcooking beats, is our friend Misha (and whose "One" was actually our 3rd Stereofox Records release).

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