We asked Ezzy Loc what we can expect from his performance and the two words he used were "Dynamic" and " Real."

He hit the stage after completing a run to Richmond to compete in Coast2Coast followed by an artist showcase the night before. In Va he is a guy who is moving around the market.

You can tell after on conversation with wit him that ultimately he is focused on giving a standout performance. Ezzy Loc has one of the most energetic crowd centric performances we have seen in quite some time. His hometown is well aware of his music and the crowd participation only helped solidify his spot as a Tapehustlers priority artist.

Representing his brand Glitterati Global, the Charlottesville, VA native Ezzy Loc joins the Invasion Tour in his hometown with one purpose, to win. Taking away the 1st place slot and grand prize, the newly crown King sheds light on his movement and much more. Ezzy Loc describes Glittertati Global by saying, " We stand for unity amongst diversity. What we do is we bring individuals together no matter the differences and we allow that uniqueness to be an asset for us."



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