One of Florida's artists taking their careers in their own hands is Bossman Bounce. With so much talent across the state it can hard to crack out the pile. After years of planning and anticipation, Bossman has got his operation in motion and is ready to win.


Bossman Bounce

"Its been a long time coming but Im finally here man and you wont be disappointed cuz I aint gone be disappointed, cant settle for less baby move units or move over!" Bossman Bounce has released his newest single Cut Throat on Tapehustlers.com. The track is just the start of his movement to capture the attention of central Flroida and beyond. Participating in the Tapehustlers Invasion tour has given him the opportunity to network and expand his impact beyond the streets of Tampa Bay.

When asked what is need in order for the next act to make it out the Florida he replied, "ambition, a strong team behind them like the Tapehustlers movement and most of all you gotta know that if you dont listen you not gonna make it partner, take that and let it marinate."

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