Adia Victoria

Genre Alternative

A singer and songwriter who spins dark-hued tales of life in the Deep South, Adia Victoria was one of five children raised by a couple who were committed Seventh Day Adventists. Victoria and her siblings grew up in South Carolina, and she attended religious school until shortly before 6th grade. Victoria's parents had split up, and her mother abruptly chose to move her to a public school. The change made Victoria deeply introverted, and she took to writing poems and short stories to make sense of her emotions. Victoria also became a voracious reader, with her tastes ranging from Flannery O'Connor to Angela Davis. After finishing high school, Victoria moved to New York City, but she decided she was a poor fit for the city, and headed to Georgia. In Atlanta, Victoria landed a job in telemarketing, where she was quite successful. However, after a friend gave her a guitar, her interests turned to music, and she became fascinated with vintage acoustic blues. After spending time in Europe, Victoria returned to the United States, and settled in Nashville, Tennessee. Absorbing the sounds of the South -- rural blues and vintage country -- and interpolating her literary influences, Victoria started writing her own songs. Victoria soon became a common presence on the Nashville club scene and attracted a devoted following. In 2014, Victoria recorded her debut single, "Stuck in the South," which was produced by Roger Moutenot. The track earned positive reviews, and word spread quickly about Victoria online. In 2015, she signed a record deal with Atlantic Records, and her debut album, Beyond the Bloodhounds, arrived in May 2016. ~ Mark Deming

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