Cels Dupri

Genre Hip-Hop
City Chicago
Country USA
Website http://www.celsdupri.net

Cels Dupri is a rising star from the south side of Chicago. He had a passion for creativity and art since an early age; from painting, music, magic, poetry to film. At the age of 8 is when he discovered music as a talent; with LL Cool J's "I Need Love" being his first rap song to have known the lyrics to. That in which, subsequently caltipulted his passion for words and rhyming.

At the age of twenty-one he plans to not only take the music world by storm, but the whole world as well. He has a strong drive to help others and will spread that message by any means. He is determined to set a new blueprint that will be implemented for many years to come. Hello world, this is Cels Dupri.

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