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Genre Hip-Hop
Country USA


Reign 9000 is a native of South Carolina but has traveled coast to coast spreading his sound. Sharing a stage with Lil Wayne, P.Diddy & Busta Rhymes at the 2015 Revolt Music Conference in Miami as half of the group "Hoptown" currently signed under L.A. Reid's Epic label and learning the "Rap game" under the wing of rap legend Todd "Too Short" Shaw, Reign is stepping up to show that he has alot to prove all while maintaining who he is and has been before meeting Holywood. With a new outlook on the music industry, Reign has shifted his focus to be "for the People". The message he spreads within his music comes from the soul which he still has and doesn't have the slightest intention of "Selling Out", to reach the realness in those constantly bombarded with gimic after gimic. Reign 9000 comes from a spiritual background and it shows in his music. From topics like "Fighting with the inner self "to "Never Relying on Luck but effort" and "Giving a sacrifice to a higher power for a bigger cause and for better results, Reign's music proves that he has something serious to say that comes from a place of deep meditation in thoughts from a creative artist view. Reign's goals are to meet the people's needs to their ears satisfaction. Motivated and Drivin he will stop at nothing to accomplish his life long dream of success as an independent artist.

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