Keneisha Fairley is from a small town called Lumberton, Mississippi. Born on March 14, 1984 she is the youngest of 3 sisters. As a baby Keneisha would play and sing on her toy piano. Recognizing her potential, Keneisha's parents enrolled her in Piano Lessons at the age of 7.

Keneisha's passions blossomed as she sang and played piano in church ­ where she had the honor of singing with the local gospel group The Griffin Family Singers.

During junior high and high school, she learned to record, produce, and write her own music. By her sophomore year, Keneisha joined band playing clarinet. By her senior year she was Drum Major. Having also participated in the high school show choir, she received many awards for her vocal talent. Upon graduation, she continued her education at Jones County Junior College where she majored in Music Education.


While in college, she was a member of numerous bands Maroon Typhoon, Jones Onstage and the concert choir. Keneisha met Roderick Harris, a fellow musician, and by the age of 21 she was married and settling down in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. They had three lovely kids, Ledavian, Kydrick, and Olivia ­ her greatest inspiration to date. Though she and Roderick separated in 2010, Keneisha continues to pursue her musical career with consistent passion and focus.

Going through some of the hardest times in her life, Keneisha was determined to return the studio and start working. Through her newfound motivation, she wrote songs like "Kick It Down”. She stated that we all have the choice to let our situation hold us down, or it can motivate you to get up and to strive for success! Incorporating a unique blend of Rock, Pop, R&B, and Soul, she describes her music as 'Musicstyrious' ­ allowing her to fully express her creativity without the constraints of one single genre.

Real Entertainment Records cannot express how excited we are to be working with such a uniquely talented and genuinely amazing artist such as Keneisha. Welcome to K'neisha World: Your mind wherever you desire relation through imagination.



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