R&B fans may have missed it, but Sevyn Street rolled out a new solo record titled “4th Street.” Breathing new life into a sample that has its fair share of users, the singer remembers home is always where the heart is. Along with the new record, Sevyn drops off the official video where she heads back home, speaking about the significance of “4th Street” on Instagram.

“Out of all the songs on my album it’s the one closest to my heart! Everyone has at least one person in their life that doesn’t want anything from you, they just wanna make sure you good! They’re the ones who make all the assholes we encounter irrelevant! #4thStreet is the street I was raised on, the people in the video are the ones who grew up there with me & the ones I name at the end of the song are the angels who had a hand in molding my life! #4thStreet people are just good ass people!”

Fans can purchase Streeter’s new single on iTunes now.

Listen below…

New Music: Sevyn Streeter – “4th Street”

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