Rappin Carlos got his name out there with a strong debut single, "Move On", which featured Chicago vet GLC, and now he's back with his second single, "Don't Miss". Carlos sounds right at home over this bumping club-ready production (courtesy of A.J. Crew), and we're surprised he doesn't have more work under his belt. He brings along The Boy Illinois, and the Chicago homies promise they have more hits on the way.

Look out for Carlos' upcoming EP, The Sixth Man, on which we can expect more club jams like "Don't Miss". 

Y'all feelin' this one? 


Quotable Lyrics

And the whole team ridin'Just like an away gameEvery time we stroll through, they say it ain't fairWe can take it here, or we can take it thereLike D-Wade when I get 'em in the air

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