The living victim in Suge Knight’s fatal hit-and-run case might be the former music mogul’s biggest asset as he fights a murder charge, depending on whose side a jury believes. In audio recently obtained by TMZ from the Los Angeles Police Department, Cle “Bone” Sloan, who Suge struck before running over and killing Terry Carter, told police he is partially to blame for the death. “I was in a rage,” Sloan tells police on the recording. In footage of the incident, the former gang member turned actor can be seen attacking Suge when he pulls into the Tam’s Burger. He continues, “I fucked up. I get that ’cause a guy is dead behind this shit.”

But in additional audio obtained by TMZ (below), Sloan says he only went off on Suge after the former Death Row Records CEO threatened to kill him and reached for what he thought was a gun.

What at first looked like a no win situation for Suge now seems like a very defendable case full of hearsay and opposing accounts. As previously reported, in late January, Suge was charged with murder after running over Sloan and Carter on the set of a Straight Outta Compton promo event. Since then, the court case has turned into a spectacle with Knight passing out during one court appearance, showing up chained to a wheelchair in another and even claiming he’s legally blind.

Sloan previously stated he would not cooperate with the investigation. But his statements to the police following the event seem like they could be a win for he Knight camp. However, pictures have also surfaced that were taken after Knight’s arrest that don’t seem to show any major injuries (below).

On Thursday (April 16) a judge ruled Knight will have to stand trial for murder and attempted murder. His bail, which had initially been set at $25 million, was slashed to $10 million.

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