Snitching is defined as the act of informing on another. While that may come as a commonplace in some communities, the levels of propriety get blurred as you delve deeper into the nation’s more impoverished communities. Many have come out as adamant objectors (think back to Carmello Anthony‘s Stop Snitching campaign) but one man in particular has been particularly vocal on the matter. That man is Cam’ron, and on a recent stop on Larry Wilmore‘s The Nightly Show, Cam broke down his stance on the act of informing and how culturally relative the practice is. Sitting opposite of Newark mayor Ras Baraka and comedian Chris Distefano, the Harlem icon reinforced sentiments he’s shared throughout his career and seemed fairly skeptical of Baraka’s championing of law enforcement and stressing the importance of trust, even though we are time and time again showed how little we can afford them. And yes, as Baraka points out, transparency is crucial, but how can the only answer to police brutality be and even more surveilled state? Watch Cam’ron continue the campaign on The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore below and be sure to let us know where you stand on the matter in the comment section.

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