The shooting at BPM’s “iconic” venue “felt like a statement,” said the eyewitness.

Contrary to police reports of a lone gunman, eyewitness accounts indicate that multiple shooters were involved in the attack that left five clubbers dead and 15 injured during the BPM Festival in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, on Monday.

Testimonies gathered by Billboard suggest that as many as five gunmen attempted to gain entry to the Blue Parrot club before opening fire in the crowded building.

Among Billboard‘s eyewitnesses is an “internationally known male DJ/producer” who escaped by jumping over a beachfront fence at the back of the club.

“When we hopped the fence, there were already people down on the other side,” he said. “People that were with us saw a gunman running down the beach as well. There was definitely someone at the top of the beach coming down because everyone just started running down the other way being, like, ‘There’s another fucking gunman.'”

He said the shooting “felt like a statement” carried out at the festival’s “most iconic” venue. “I just want people to know the truth, because it was not just some crazy lone gunman,” he added. “I don’t know, it just doesn’t feel right.”

Mexico’s Zetas cartel has claimed responsibility for the shooting, yesterday hanging four “narco blankets” around the city spray-painted with a message targeted at Phillip Pulitano, the festival’s Canadian co-founder.

Another witness said he saw five Mexican men in leather jackets attempt to gain entry to the Blue Parrot.

“They got denied because they didn’t want to be patted down,” he says. “Three of them left out of our vision and two of them shot security guards at the entrance, ran in and aimlessly opened fire. There were two guys there, not one like the news incorrectly reports.”

A statement from the festival yesterday repeated police reports of a lone shooter. The festival declined to comment to Billboard.



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