upcoming vote to end net neutrality.

"Without net neutrality there will be less awesome art. Period," Fight for the Future's open letter reads.

The collective also endorsed the numerous protests planned in support of net neutrality and against Verizon on December 7th, one week before the FCC vote on the fate of net neutrality.

"The medium that allows us to be great artists is under threat. Without a free and open internet, so much music, writing, film, art, culture, passion, and creativity would be lost. For the artists of the future, and the culture of the future, we will not be silent," the letter continues.

"If the FCC votes to gut these protections it will explicitly allow Internet providers to charge extra fees that amount to a tax on the entire creative economy. A few corporations will have control over what you see and hear, while independent and up-and-coming artists’ ability to make a living will be devastated."

Against Me!, Bassnectar, Colin Hay, Atmosphere, the Glitch Mob and Run the Jewels' Trackstar the DJ were also among the signers of the open letter, which argued that killing net neutrality would allow "telecom giants" to monopolize internet access as well as be the arbiters of what is accessible.

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"Freedom of speech and freedom of expression are guaranteed by our constitution, and we demand that such freedoms continue online. Net Neutrality is essential to our democracy," the open letter said. "By fighting for net neutrality, you fight for the future of art."




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