As Drake continues to go in on Meek Mill at the OVO Fest in Toronto, Ja Rule is chiming in on his role in the rap beef.

Just at the height of Drake’s festival finale performance where Drizzy rapped “Back To Back” in front of a screen that displayed Meek Mill memes, Ja Rule took to Twitter to tell people his two cents on the matter.

Ja is referring to his beef with 50 Cent back in the day. In 1999, at the surmounting height of the fellow Queens rappers careers, Ja and 50 partook in their own rap beef. The competing rappers started their fight when Ja accused 50 of rolling with someone who at one time stole jewelry from Ja. This beef seemed to reach its boiling point when a physical fight broke out in a New York studio where rapper Black Child of Murder Inc. stabbed 50 Cent. Fif had to get three stitches from the wound. Exchanging diss records and physical hits was business as usual for 50 and Ja for years, until the latter admitted in a 2011 interview that their beef was over.

About 20 minutes after sending the initial tweet, the Queens MC clarified his earlier post and made it clear he wanted the Meek vs. Drake beef to stay on wax.

50 Cent has also been vocal about the Meek Mill vs. Drake saga tonight, saying he would have been more ruthless than Drizzy.

Let’s not forget this whole Drake vs. Meek Mill timeline all started when “trigger fingers turned to Twitter fingers” and Meek went on a Twitter rant in which he claimed Drake doesn’t write his own material but instead uses ghostwriters. In the last two weeks, this war of words went from social media to diss tracks and now live shows. But how far will Drake and Meek Milly take this one?

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