Hearbreak Suzy comes correct with his latest video for “They Say.” The Eyes On Me cut features a dreamy beat with a sing-songy Iamsu! rapping about imitators, women and turning up. The video matches the vibe perfectly. Featuring quick cuts, dark lighting, beautfiul women and bottles poppin’ in a crowded club, “They Say” captures Iamsu! in his element. Check it out above.

The West Coast MC recently stopped by the XXL offices to discuss his project and tour. Clocking in at only seven tracks, Eyes On Me packs a punch and the Heartbreak Gang leader took some time out to dsicuss the influences behind the project. “A little bit of 2Pac influence, but the main reason behind the title is because this will be my first headlining tour going across the country,” said Iamsu! “I’ve done West Coast-based tours where I was the headliner, but to go to these new cities and touch these new fans is important to me. The message I’m trying to portray with this title is self-confidence. We’re all just reflections of each other, you feel me? Sometimes we have to look into the mirror, so with Eyes On Me it’s just encouraging my fans to be confident. I notice that a lot of fans in this day in age have a lot of anxiety. They meet somebody that they are a fan of and they get so weird, you know what I mean? But I wanted to dispel that energy and show them that it’s cool—you can be yourself, you can fall, you can burp, you can stutter, but at the end of the day we are all people.”

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