After unearthing “One, Two, A Few More” from the vaults last month, Pete Rock shares another cut from his upcoming album Petestrumentals 2. Directed by Jay Brown and Zack Kashkett, the video for “Cosmic Slop” finds the Soul Brother Number One tapping away on his Akai MPC 3000 before taking in the chilly New York City streets for inspiration.

“‘Cosmic Slop’ is a beat I made that gave me a feeling of cruising down the highway on a nice day or night in the summertime seeing all kinds of people outside enjoying themselves,” Pete told Rolling Stone. “The video just gives you a lil knowledge on the vibes I was feeling when I was making the track.”

The long-awaited sequel to Pete Rock’s 2001 album Petestrumentals, Petestrumentals 2 is due out June 23 via Mello Music Group.

Watch the video below…

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