Genre Hip Hop/Rap
City Atlanta, GA

Kimberly DaCosta better known by her stage name Kove, born on the island of Jamaica but call Brooklyn, New York home. As A young artist she has already made an impact in the biggest music hubs in North America: Atlanta, Miami, LA and New York. In 2019 Kove was based out of Atlanta when she caught the attention of Thomas "Tomcat" Bennet a staple within Maybach Music Group. Tom quickly saw Kove's ability to ascend to the top of this industry, and it wasn't long before rap legend Rick Ross gave his full co=sign.

At the end of 2019 Kove dropped her first single "Scrub" off of her upcoming EP. This record showcases Koves tenacious rapping style and songwriting abilities. "Scrub" was immediately embraced by the DJ community and put into rotation to be heard in clubs and on radio stations worldwide. Most recently her single was picked up by prominent Atlanta radio station, Hot 107.9 FM where she also conducted an in-station interview. While "Scrub" continues to grow into 2020 so does Kove. Her first EP, "So Saucy", is set to release in the summer of this year, followed by her first acting role in "Coming to America 2" set to hit the big screen in August. Letting her current trajectory speak for itself, Kove is an artist of the future, determined to leave her mark.

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