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How To Get A Custom Video Shout Out From Your Favorite DJ

This world is full of creative ventures that tap into, for lack of a better word, untapped markets. While a lot of celebrity figures have embraced Community, an app that lets them direct text subscribers (and lets them text back), there’s still a level of impersonality to the proceedings.

Enter Cameo, a newer platform that allows you to purchase a custom video shout out from various celebrities and musicians, including some of our favorites in EDM. Producers like Sam Feldt, Ghastly, Bandlez, tyDi, Crizzly, and even Slow Magic are available on the platform, some for as low as $15.

What use could you possibly have for something like this? Birthdays, special gifts, prank videos, the possibilities are endless. In less than three years, the company has built a talent portfolio of more than 20,000 VIPs and fulfilled more than 400,000 requests ranging from birthday and good luck messages to prom invitations, marriage proposals, baby gender reveals and beyond. You can find out more and browse available DJs here.


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This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: How To Get A Custom Video Shout Out From Your Favorite DJ

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