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First Listen: HOAX – “Unamerican Dream” @HOAX_band

Our favorite indie band HOAX is back with “Unamerican Dream” — an eargasmic indie-bedroom pop track that tells an immigrant story about remorse.

For the last two years, HOAX has been working on their debut album, b?, and gradually introducing the indie world to their unique, meaningful sound they’ve pioneered called “empathy pop”, which stems from their mission to spread empathy through conscientious lyricism and undeniably infectious pop melodies. While “Unamerican Dream” can easily be merely interpreted as just another romantic love song, its deeper layers dive into the immigrant narrative of chasing the precarious “American Dream” through their lenses as first-generation Americans. Not to mention, this bop is full of catchy electrifying guitar riffs and melodic synths that tuck at our heartstrings!

Did you connect with HOAX’s meaningful song? Let us know what ya think!

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