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t must be quite something to be able to remain both prolific and vital for a band in the contemporary age, but that is exactly what Nashville duo Hammock, comprised of Marc Byrd and Andrew Thompson, are. Their gorgeous music, equal parts visceral and wistful, has the capacity to soundtrack moments of light and dark, and all points in between. Here, with Silencia, the band conclude their recent towering trilogy of more restrained albums, also including 2017's Mysterium and 2018's Universalis. With singles having included "When It Hurts to Remember" and "Afraid to Forget" the scene is set for a journey into the past, unfolding glacially, but which, by the time of closing pair "Life is Life" and "Without Form and Void" gives a sense of hope and possibility. Hammock are without competition as the most vivid and crucial band in the ambient genre as 2020 dawns. Give this album your attention. (

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