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Alexia Chambi – Tiny Hands (audio)

It’s a Friday evening in Belgium. The weather has finally decided to behave like a proper winter but it also means that you’re longing for a warm bubble bath, to cozy up under a blanket on your sofa or to find comfort in the arms of the one you love. Because after a long week at work, that’s what we want: to be home. Home has a different meaning for everyone but ultimately, it is whatever grounds you. It can be a place, a smell, a song, something, someone. For Alexia Chambi, it’s Denmark and her family.

Home grown on a small island in the middle of the Scandinavian country, the Danish-Cypriot singer/songwriter moved to London for music, therefore leaving behind her little brothers. But absence makes the heart grow fonder and Alexia kept them close by reminding them through a neo-soul ballad called Tiny Hands. “I wasn’t able to watch them grow up, she explains. So this a song about finding the balance between following ones dreams whilst sacrificing time with loved ones in order to do so. A personal yet in many ways, universal song.”

Graceful, gentle and full of love, Tiny Hands showcases Alexia Chambi’s vocal prowess with parsimony, punctuating her wishes of teleportation with a velvety voice reminiscent of old soulful legends.

After playing a string of concerts across Europe in early 2019, the songstress recently returned home to Denmark, where she’s currently based in Aarhus. 2020 will see her with a full live band for the first time creating dimension to her previously acoustic based project; neo-soul, contemporary RnB influences in the instrumentals and Alexia Chambi’s honeyed, soothing vocals combine to offer a sound that is refreshingly honest and authentic.

Photo credits: Sakura Katsuura.

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